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Prices for TangoBâle 2023

Seminars of Los Totis

Milonga Seminar (2,5 hours) : CHF80-

(Friday 18.00-20:30)


TangoVals Seminar (2,5 hours) : CHF80-

(Saturday 16.30-19.00)

Tango Seminar "Elements of Tango" (2,5 hours) : CHF80-


(Sunday 11.00-13.30)

Seminars of Los Turquitos

Tango Seminar of Musicality "Milonguero Style" (2,5 hours): CHF80

(Saturday 13.00-15.30)

Friday Milonga: CHF20-

Saturday Night Milonga: CHF20-

Sunday Night Milonga : CHF20-

Milonga Pass  : CHF50

Seminar Pass : CHF280


Full Pass : CHF300


For Individual Milongas, you do not to register. You can come and pay on the spot...

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