Intensive Tango Seminars by Özgür&Ilksun in Basel


Basel was our base for Tango teaching for many years. Even though we moved back to Turkey, we are happy to visit Basel and all of our friends and students regularly to keep teaching Tango lessons, organizing events and enjoying time together. So we would love to invite everyone who is interested to learn from us, to our regular intensive Tango weekends in Basel... It will be our pleasure to have you with us.

*Each Seminar is on Saturday and Sunday in total of 6 hours lessons
*Saturday Night of some seminar dates we will have a Milonga 21:00-02:00 "Milonga Vamos"
*Seminar costs CHF200/190euro. Milonga cost CHF15

*contact us for partner arrangements and only one day seminar.


27-28 November 2021

How to to dance orchestra "Pugliese" and have different quality of movements and expressions...

Saturday: 16:30-19:45
Sunday: 13:00-16:15

12-13 February 2022

Seminar of Vals. Understand and feel the music. Learn the structure of line and circular movements and enjoy the variations...

Saturday: 16:30-19:45
Sunday: 11:00-14:00

30 April-1 May 2022

All about circularity. Technique and Variations of Rhytm and movements for Giros...

*+ Milonga Vamos

24-25 September 2022

All about drama and show off. High level combinations and emotional expression..

26-27 November 2022

Seminar of "Connection" with yourself, partner, music and with the floor...

15-16 January 2022

Seminar of Milonga. Understand the rhythm and structure of movements and learn how to be playful..

Saturday: 16:30-19:45

Sunday: 11:00-14:00

*Milonga Vamos

with show of Ozgur & Ilksun


05-06 March 2022

Seminar of Elasticity and Tango Nuevo...

Saturday: 16:30-19:45

Sunday: 11:00-14:00

*Milonga Vamos dj Ozgur

14-16 October 2022  TangoBâle Festivalito

Horacio Godoy & Cecilia Berra
Özgür & Ilksun Demir

What Our Clients Say

Christine Jäger

Özgür has been my dance and body awareness teacher for almost 3 years now. Every class has been really enriching and has been a gift for me! He has a very open mind and a free way of teaching. He also has a very aesthetically trained eye and a good musical ear, which enables him to give you very precise feedback to bring you forwards on your journey. The heartbeat of his class is that you feel good. Also that you enjoy, you learn to feel your movements, you develop your talents while he works with you upon those areas that still need to grow! For me every class with Özgür is wonderful and I always have the feeling that I leave each session a little bit richer as a person and also as dancer.